Corner Transmission with Security pin

Product Specifications

The Ventilation Option
The size of the ventilation capacity is dependent to the corner transmissions Striker.
The Ventilation Strikers:
9 axis 189.643.003.000
13 axis 189.642.004.00

Stay Arm Connection;
Its usable for the standard system and Tilt First system.

Additional Locking Connecting;
Additional Locking on the on the Window of Door provide for he frame moor grig and
warmer room temperature.

Espagnolette Connecting;
7,5mm , 15mm , 30 mm usable for Standard Espagnolette and Fixed Handle espagnolette

Horizontal opening;
It can be use for horizontal opening.

To regular the gasket pressure;
You can change the gasket pressure in a level range of +/- 0,8mm

It helps to easy the installation and save much time.
3,9x25 Rare serrated espagnolette screws code: 449.339.025.001

Coating ;
YelkenCoat gives longer durability and corrosion protection to the hardware.

pcs / box
Corner Transmission with Security pin
Corner Transmission with Security pin